The SHAANXI AROMATIC TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT LTD. is a technology enterprise with the main business of the agriculture technique development, expand, the vegetable produces and processes , sells. Where the enterprise registering the address is the XI’AN Economic And Technological Development Zone of Shaanxi,China.

 This enterprise has existing officers and workers' more than 150 personses. Currently the company has already become an economic entity that integrates with nuisance-free agricultural product to plant, adopt to accept, process, pack, transport and sell, and have a mass production ability.

The KeQing Agricultural Products Specialized Cooperative in GoLing has a Production Base of Nuisance-free Vegetable in Hecun GoLing, Xi'an,China. That production is The Vegetable Production of no Environmental Pollution, the trademark registered is the KeQing. This production base of  nuisance-free vegetable to pass the nation agricultural product base attestation of no Environmental Pollution in 2003.The KeQing Agricultural Products Specialized Cooperative was going to contracted  and management the YaoHui Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park in GoLing in 2010.

 The brief introduction of the KeQing vegetable Product

 The KeQing vegetable already has 6 agricultural product attestation of no Environmental Pollution from the Center For Agri-food Quality & Safety,The ministry of Agriculture,PRC. Those product quality certificate are that the KeQing Cucumber is WGH-05-01359,the KeQing Celery is WGH-05-01360, the KeQing Vegetables Bean is WGH-05-01361, the KeQing Green Pepper is WGH-06-03986, the KeQing Tomato is WGH-06-03987,KeQing Eggplant is WGH-09-03675.The KeQing vegetable product is examination qualified by the Non-poision agricultural product examination center, its production accord with safety and nourishment requests of national standards NY5091-2002s.

Currently the KeQing vegetable product  has already sold the big supermarkets in Xian, among them mainly having well-known business enterprise in Xi'an for the stores of CRV supermarket , the stores of Lotus supermarket , QiuLin company: LiJiaCun total store, GiXiang store, Beidajie store; Xiaozai supermarket of the Carrefour China Inc.;South superstore of the Xiguo of Peking national catena supermarket; Taihua road store of the Xi'an Dajiarun supermarket; The Aijia supermarket: Wenyilu store, Xianninglu store and Phoenix road store of Yanliang etc.